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  • Author: Robichaud, Gerard

Date: 1961

Language: English

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Ten-story chronicle of the fictional Franco-American Martel family in the fictional town of Groveton, Maine, modeled after Lewiston. A touching, funny, and intimate portrayal of family life in the early twentieth century. Most recent version of the…

  • Author: Proulx, E. Annie

Date: 1996

Language: English

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A startlingly inclusive selection of a century's worth of American immigrant vignettes tied together by the movement of a single accordion. For immigration studies, it is a portrayal attentive in sentiment and beckoning in its concern for the new…

  • Author: Olivier, Julien
  • Author: Parent, Michael

Date: 1996

Language: English

Find in a Library: 34776071

French folklore in North America with an explanation of popular images and themes, as well as a glossary of vernacular terms in translation. From August House Publishers: "In 'Of Kings and Fools' Julien Olivier and Michael Parent recount the stories…

  • Author: Ledoux, Denis (editor)

Date: 1991

Language: English

Find in a Library: 23009726

In this 1991 anthology, Denis Ledoux places together the poetry and short fiction prose of thirteen authors in an effort to illustrate the range of the contemporary Franco-American artistic voice. All of the pieces included in this collection might…

  • Author: Schulz, Julia

Date: 1985

Thesis Type: M.A., Anthropology

Institution: McGill University

Language: en; fr

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From Schulz: "French-Canadian immigrants to New England, unlike other ethnic groups in the United States, did not show signs of assimilation into American society until the 1950's. This thesis examines the history of one French-Canadian community -…

  • Author: Leloup, Laurent

Date: 1994

Thesis Type: M.A., Géographie

Institution: University of Maine

Language: fr

Find in a Library: Inconnu/Unknown

De l'introduction de cet étudiant de France: "Afin d'approcher le sujet, trois méthodes ont été employées. La lecture de documents écrits retracent l'immigration et l'installation de canadiens français dans le Maine. Afin de mieux percevoir ce…

  • Author: Larkin, Sr. Mary Teresita

Date: 1934

Thesis Type: M.S., Education

Institution: University of Maine at Orono

Language: en

Find in a Library: 50168005

Historical look at Catholic Education in Maine from the time of the first French explorers and missionaries in the Americas to the author's present - before World War II. Covers elementary though college educations, from the northern tip of the state…

  • Author: Allen, James Paul

Date: 1970

Thesis Type: Ph. D.

Institution: Syracuse University

Language: en

Find in a Library: 5962074

Dissertation on areal patterns and geographic trends espoused by Roman Catholics in the state of Maine, with a focus on population distribution and respective voting patterns.

  • Author: Bérubé, Bernard (Barney) Arthur

Date: 1986

Thesis Type: Ph. D., Education

Institution: University of Maine

Language: en

Find in a Library: 16643811

From the introduction: "The extent to which cultural diversity in Maine schools is enhanced by appropriate educational programs for Franco-Americans is the focus of this research effort."..."A study of culture-related attitudes of citizens..."..."An…

  • Author: Allen, James P.

Date: 1974 Autumn

Publication: Acadiensis

Volume: 9

Language: en

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A study of Franco Americans in Maine with respect to geography: movement, placement, population growth, and cultural stability. From the author: "The major purpose of this paper is to depict the geographic characteristics of Maine's Franco-Americans…

  • Author: Allen, James P.

Date: 1972 July

Publication: Geographical Review

Volume: 62

Language: en

Find in a Library: 483269409

Article on the migrations of French Canadians in Central and Southern Maine to their precise places of departure in Québec. Includes maps that illustrate migration fields and indicate concentrations of Maine Franco Americans. From the author:…