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  • Author: Currie, Ron, Jr.

Date: 2006-06-15

Publication: SmokeLong Quarterly

Language: en

Find in a Library: Unknown

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Short fiction piece that finds a retired navy captain long after World War II, and his housekeeper, far from the sea. From the author of "God is Dead," "Everything Matters!" and "Flimsy Little Plastic Miracles." Appears in the online literary…

  • Author: Proulx, Annie

Date: 2009 Spring

Publication: The Paris Review

Volume: 188

Language: en

Find in a Library: 1641889

Interview with novelist and short story writer, Annie Proulx, about her life, her craft, and her thoughts on writing. Reflections on some of her past works, including the novels "Postcards" and "The Shipping News," as well as the story, "Brokeback…

  • Author: Poulin, A., Jr.

Date: 1984 Winter

Publication: New England Review and Bread Loaf Quarterly

Volume: 7

Language: en

Find in a Library: 8932675

Poem from a Lisbon, Maine writer and founder of poetry's BOA Editions. Dedicated to David Plante. Featured in the New England Review and Bread Loaf Quarterly published by Middlebury College. Republished posthumously in a collection of A. Poulin, Jr's…

  • Author: Parsons, Vivian (LaJeunesse)

Date: 1939

Language: en

Find in a Library: 1400482

Find Online: OL6382378M

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Novel set near Trois-Rivières, Québec, that begins with the birth of a first child - a daughter, Lucien - to Marie Charbonneau, whose husband Léonce despairs for not having a son to work on their farm. Two hundred miles away, the first-cousins…

  • Author: Gaddas, Aya L.

Date: 2011

Publication: International Journal of Canadian Studies / Revue internationale d’études canadiennes

Volume: 44

Language: en

Find in a Library: 60621717

Article exploring the Providence, Rhode Island Francoeur family featured in David Plante's novels. The significance that the Canadian-American border plays for this family in shaping the cultural identities of its provincial characters, as well as…

  • Author: Plante, David

Date: 1988 Winter

Publication: Grand Street

Volume: 7

Language: en

Find in a Library: 37589723

An account of author David Plante and his editor friend, Nikos, on a trip to Moscow in the 1980s. Accompanying Nikos to meetings with Russians looking to publish works on art and architecture, and Plante's other various guided excursions through the…

  • Author: Plante, David

Date: 1997 Fall

Publication: Ploughshares

Volume: 23

Language: en

Find in a Library: 2256746

Short story that finds James Briggs in London receiving a New York phone call in the nighttime from the mother of his ex-wife, Joanna, an expatriate in London, alerting him to Joanna's attempt at suicide across town.

  • Author: Plante, David

Date: 1976 Spring

Publication: The Transatlantic Review

Volume: 24

Language: en

Find in a Library: 1590374, 1767694

Short story that finds George returned to his family's New England home and to Hunter, his brother, as they struggle through the emotional aftermath of their mother's funeral. An early work from Providence, Rhode Island-native author of "The…

  • Author: Kerouac, Jack

Date: 1999

Language: en

Find in a Library: 40857068

Find Online: OL24770070M

Selections from Jack Kerouac's (1922-1969) earliest imaginative and other writings composed between 1936 and 1943, with introduction and commentary from poet and editor, Paul Marion. Includes notes, poetry, creative and journalistic prose, and an…

  • Author: Fontaine, Robert Louis

Date: 1953

Language: en

Find in a Library: 1687374

Find Online: OL6132711M

Autobiographical novel revisiting a boy's childhood in Ottawa and the colorful character of his armchair philosopher uncle, Louis LaFrance. When Uncle Louis's marriage troubles find him moving in with the narrator child and his two parents, the…

  • Author: Moreau, David

Date: 2004

Language: en

Find in a Library: 61727160

Book of poems from Wayne, Maine writer and author of the 2004 chapbook, "Children Are Ugly Little Monsters (But You Have to Love Them Anyway").

  • Author: Craig, Béatrice

Date: 1983 Spring

Publication: Québec Studies

Volume: 1

Language: en

Find in a Library: 60628349

Article exploring the demographic shifts of the Upper St. John River Valley - Maine and New Brunswick - through the first fifty years of the Madwaska settlement, beginning in 1785. The author uses parish records and genealogical sources - what she…

  • Author: Woolfson, A. Peter

Date: 1983-spr

Publication: Québec Studies

Volume: 1

Language: en

Find in a Library: 60628349

How the Québécois farmer of the 1980s - confronted with urbanization and industrialization - compares with the agricultural traditions and longheld assumptions about Québec "habitant" ways of life. Based on a case study of farm business, farming,…

  • Author: Poulin, A., Jr.

Date: 1972

Language: en

Find in a Library: 340273

Find Online: OL5708981M

Book of poems from Lisbon, Maine native, former professor of creative writing at SUNY Brockport, and translator of Rainer Maria Rilke's Duino Elegies.

  • Author: Dumas, Emma

Date: 1979 (1910)

Language: fr

Find in a Library: 7913042

Un roman sur la vie immigrante et catholique d'une actrice dans la ville de Holyoke, Massachusetts; sa communauté et paroisse canadienne-française.

Un roman feuilleton publié en dix fascicules entre 1910 et 1912 par "La Justice" à Holyoke,…

  • Author: Sleeper, Frank H.

Date: 1995

Language: en

Find in a Library: 34053616

Find Online: OL10819418M

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An "Images of America" series, pictorial history of the city of Augusta - Maine's capital - with images and captions from the late nineteenth through the first half of the twentieth century. Augusta's place in Maine state politics; its early…

  • Author: Monette, Paul

Date: 1992

Language: en

Find in a Library: 24872593

Autobiography and coming-out narrative of Paul Monette, an Andover, Massachusetts writer. Monette recounts twenty-five closeted years of alienation and invisibility, explorations of his sexual identity, and observations on the sexual prejudice and…

  • Author: Poulin, Susan

Date: 2012

Language: en

Find in a Library: 778426192

Maine humor self-help guide in the voice of Ida LeClair, the character creation of Maine writer and performer, Susan Poulin. "Commonsensical" wisdoms from the western Maine town of Mahoosuc Mills, drawn from Ida's life experiences; her husband,…

  • Author: Bonnie, Fred

Date: 1994-04-00

Publication: Portland: Maine's City Magazine

Volume: 9

Language: en

Find in a Library: 29353487

Short story that finds Norman Malloy sitting in a kitchen alone. He segregates himself from his wife, Colette, their infant daughter, and Colette's large extended family as they celebrate in two languages a grandmother's birthday in the living room…

  • Author: Currie, Ron, Jr.

Date: 2012-10-00

Publication: The Believer

Volume: 10

Language: en

Find in a Library: 51678567

Magazine article on the 2012 disappearance of Waterville, Maine toddler, Ayla Reynolds, as local and national news phenomenon. The missing child and her family at the center of 21st century "info-tainment," situated in the author's own hometown.…

  • Author: Kegley, Alice

Date: 2006-12-18

Language: en

Find in a Library: 314398691

Historical novel introducing the author's great-great-grandparents' from Montréal, Québec, and their family's new life after immigrating to Rapid City in the Black Hills area of South Dakota, USA. Begins with the mother - Alphonsine - and her…

  • Author: Nicosia, Gerald

Date: 1983-00-00

Language: en

Find in a Library: 9392871

Biography of Lowell, Massachusetts native, poet, and author, Jack Kerouac, widely known as a founding participant in the 20th century USA literary culture that came to be called the "Beat Movement," or the "Beat Generation." Kerouac's life from birth…

  • Author: Wood, Monica

Date: 2012

Language: en

Find in a Library: 719673406

Find Online: OL16686833W

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Memoir from Mexico, Maine native and author of fiction, Monica Wood. Recalls the period of the author's youth around the time of the sudden death of her father. Her family's experience of the loss of its breadwinner in the 1960s. The shape of her…

  • Author: Senier, Siobhan

Date: 2010 Fall

Publication: Studies in American Indian Literatures

Volume: 22

Language: English

Find in a Library: 759351046

Article critically describing and exploring the work of poet and visual artist Cheryl Savageau through the contexts of other 20th and 21st century Abenaki historical and literary writings. Savageau is the author of the collections "Home Country,"…

  • Author: Martin, Jane E.

Date: 2011 Fall

Publication: Prairie Fire

Volume: 32

Language: en

Find in a Library: 9801056

Short fiction piece about a woman's relationship with her mother illuminated in the ticks and increasing demands of her mother's heart condition. A parallel story of the woman's failed relationship with her partner, Mauricia.

  • Author: Martin, Jane E.

Date: 2012 Spring

Publication: Michigan Quarterly Review

Volume: 51

Language: en

Find in a Library: 1757375

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Short fiction piece that finds Liliane coming upon the news of a suicide within the family of a former relative, gripped still by the emotions and tensions surrounding the suicide of her own sister - her tie to this other family - decades earlier.

  • Author: Quintal, Claire

Date: 1988

Publication: Voix et images

Volume: 13

Language: fr

Find in a Library: 2442278

Un bref article de revue sur les significations culturelles dans l'écriture de Jack Kerouac: "un gars de chez vous, aussi bien que de chez nous," comme écrit l'auteur (398). Plus précisement, comment la mère de Jack apparait dans sa vie et, par…

  • Author: Trottier, Maurice

Date: 1981

Language: en / fr

Find in a Library: 9400262

Book of French and English language poems, written in a sequence modeled after the author's teenage years, from 13-20. From a Manchester, New Hampshire native writer. Illustrated in photographs and black and white drawings. Un livre de poèsie…

  • Author: Jewett, Sarah Orne

Date: 1898-06-00

Publication: The Cosmopolitan

Volume: 25

Language: en

Find in a Library: 1565217

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Short story that finds a textile mill agent caught between the greed of his directors, the powerlessness and plight of his workers, and the wisdom of a priest around the time of a New England mill's cut-back and shut-down. A New England…

  • Author: Sherman, Sarah Way

Date: 2002 spring

Publication: American Literary Realism

Volume: 34

Language: en

Find in a Library: 42711105

Critical and historical reading of Sarah Orne Jewett's 1898 short story, "The Gray Mills of Farley," about textile mill workers, an agent, and mill directors around the time of a New England mill's cut-back and shut-down. Place and character…