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  • Author: Fisher, James Terence

Date: 1989

Language: en

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Examination of immigrant Catholic influences on the traditions of Catholicism in the United States. A collection of largely biographical segments dedicated to certain influential, thought-provoking, and paradigm-shifting American Catholics from the…

  • Author: Archdeacon, Thomas J.

Date: 1983

Language: en

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A history of immigration in the United States, its national impact, and the effects of American naturalization upon immigrant ethnic identity. From the cover: "From the English settlers who founded the Jamestown colony to the recent refugees from…

  • Author: Bodnar, John E.

Date: 1985

Language: en

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An overview of American immigration and ethnic histories from American cities of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Written by the Director of Oral History Research at the University of Indiana, Bloomington. From Indiana University…

  • Author: Samson, Gary

Date: 2000

Language: en

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Pictorial history of the communities in and around the Amoskeag Manufacturing Company's mill complex in Manchester, New Hampshire. The rise and fall of Amoskeag, in photos. A volume in the broad-ranging "Images of America" series of books. Previously…

  • Author: Cole, Donald

Date: 2002 (1963)

Language: en

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A history of the city of Lawrence, Massachusetts, as a site of mass industrialization, diverse immigration, and unique dynamics of class and ethnicity around the turn of the 20th century. From UNC Press: "The violence and radicalism connected with…

  • Author: Desjardins, Lise A.

Date: 1995

Thesis Type: M.S., Nursing

Institution: University of Maine at Orono

Language: en

Find in a Library: 34127818

From the author: "The purpose of this thesis was to explore and describe the health and illness beliefs of a Franco-American community in Northern Maine. A major assumption of this study was that culture impacts all aspects of life and therefore…