New England and the Maritime Provinces : Connections and Comparisons

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New England and the Maritime Provinces : Connections and Comparisons


Collection of essays by various scholars on New England, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island - critical geographies to what has emerged in historical studies in recent decades as the field of North American "borderland studies." Essays consider the histories between these regions both before and after the establishment of political borders in a culturally diverse space. The implications of regionalism, nationalism, and business for neighboring spaces within two countries.

Contains the following writings:

Introduction - Stephen J. Hornsby and John G. Reid

Pre-European Dawnland: Archaeology of the Maritime Peninsula - David Sanger

Spaces of Power in the Early Modern Northeast - Elizabeth Mancke

Passamaquoddy Identity and the Marchall Decision - William Wicken

New England Soldiers in the St. John River Valley, 1758-1760 - Geoffrey Plank

Before Borderlands: Yankees, British, and the St. John Valley French - Béatrice Craig

Comparative Economic Advantage: Nova Scotia and New England, 1720s-1860s - Julian Gwyn

Variations on a Borderlands Theme: Nativism and Collective Violence in Northeastern North America in the Mid-Nineteenth Century - Scott W. See

Nova Scotia and the American Presence: Seeking Connections Without Conquest, 1848-1854 - D.A. Sutherland

The Command of Money in Shaws'Borderlands, 1859-1887 - Jacques Ferland

Re-Examining the Economic Underdevelopment of the Maritime Provinces: A Case Study of Portland, Maine, and Saint John, New Brunswick - Robert H. Babcock

Maine-Maritimes Folklore: The Lumberwoods Connection - Edward (Sandy) D. Ives

Canadaian and American Policy Making in Response to the First Multi-Species Fisheries Crisis in the Greater Gulf of Maine Region - Deborah C. Trefts

More Buck for the Bang: Sporting and the Ideology of Fish and Game Management in Northern New England and the Maritime Provinces, 1870-1900 - Bill Parenteau and Richard W. Judd

The "Boston States": Region, Gender, and Maritime Out-Migration, 1870-1930 - Betsy Beattie

Borderlands, Baselines, and Big Game: Conceptualizing the Northeast as a Sporting Region - Colin D. Howell

The Epic of Greater North America: Themes and Periodization in North American History - Reginald C. Stuart and M. Brook Taylor

Peeping Through the Cracks: Seeking Connections, Comparisons, and Understanding in Unstable Space - Graeme Wynn


Hornsby, Stephen (editor)
Reid, John G.



McGill-Queen's University Press




Sanger, David
Mancke, Elizabeth
Wicken, William
Plank, Geoffrey
Craig, Béatrice
Smith, Joshua C.
See, Scott W.
Sutherland, D.A.
Ferland, Jacques
Babcock, Robert H.
Ives, Edward D.
Trefts, Deborah C.
Parenteau, Bill
Judd, Richard W.
Beattie, Betsy
Howell, Colin D.
Stuart, Reginald C.
Taylor, M. Brook
Wynn, Graeme







17th century - 21st century; New Brunswick, New England, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island

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