Voyages : A Maine Franco-American Reader

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Voyages : A Maine Franco-American Reader


Celebrated collection of essays, stories, poems, songs, art, and other works on the history of Franco American people and their communities in Maine.

Features the following writings by their respective authors, in order of appearance:

Foreword by Nelson Madore

Appreciation by the Editors
Preface by Michael Michaud
Introduction by Barry Rodrigue and Others

Gentility on the Frontiers of Acadia, 1635-1674: An Archaeological Perspective, by Alaric Faulkner

Eastern Abenaki Autonomy and French Frustrations, 1745-1760, by David Ghere

An Album in the Attic: The Forgotten Frontier of the Quebec-Maine Borderlands During the Revolutionary War, by Barry Rodrigue

Life on the Farm and Recipes, by Luella and Eva Ashland Roderick

Immigrants in a Frontier Community: Madawaska, 1785-1850, by Béatrice Craig

An Acadian Odyssey, by Don Cyr

Soldiers, Spuds, and Spruce: Maine's Military Roads to the Maritimes, by Barry Rodrigue

Understanding the French Canadians of Lewiston, 1860-1900, by Yves Frenette

Immigrant Dream - I, by Susann Pelletier

Growing Up in Brunswick in the 1930s and 1940s, by Raymond Duval

Petit Bois, by Claude Bonang with Katie Camiré

Into the Heart of Maine: A Look at Dexter's Franco-American Community, by Dorothy Blanchard

Sawdust in My Ear, by Roland Lapointe

Franco-American and Lebanese Textile Workers in Waterville: La survivance economique, by Matthew Laflamme

"Je ne regrette rien:" Franco-American Women in Maine: Survival, Resiliency, and Community, by Céleste DeRoche

A La Mémoire de nos Ancetres (To the Memory of Our Ancestors), by Mercedes Gastonguay

The French Catholics in Maine, by Clement Thibodeau
Negotiating Ethnic Identity: St. Jean-Baptiste Day Celebrations in Francophone Lewiston, Maine, by Mark Paul Richard

Donat Labbé - Woods Cook, by Yvon Labbé

The Jackman and Moose River Mission: From France to America with the Sisters of St. Joseph of Lyons, 1904-1932, by Gérard Forgue

A New Home, by Paul Caron

A Childhood Memory: Midnight Mass at St. Peter's and St. Paul's, by Helen Lévesque

Maine's Corporation Sole Controversy, by Michael Guignard

The Summer I Was Thirteen, by Denis Ledoux

An Introduction to "Life in the Mills" from Canuck, a Novel by Camille Lessard-Bissonnette, by Linda Pervier

"Life in the Mills," Excerpt from Canuck, by Camille Lessard-Bissonnette and Linda Pervier

An Introduction to Canuck and Camille Lessard-Bissonnette: Why Read It Now?, by Sylvie Charron and Rhea Côté Robbins

Franco-Americans and the International Paper Company Strike of 1910, by Anders Larson

An Excerpt from Papa Martel, by Gérard Robichaud

J'Aimais (I Used to Love), by Jean-Paul Poulain
Passing the Flame, by Cindy Larock

French-Canadian Genealogical Research, by Bob Chenard

Down the Plains, an Excerpt, by Rhea Côté Robbins

Calice, by Greg Chabot
The Lane Road, 1958, by Susann Pelletier

What We Gather in November, by Susann Pelletier

How Many Frenchmen Does It Take to..., by C. Stewart Doty

The Lessons of Living in a Francophobic World, by Pat LaMarche

French Jokes, Anonymous When Funny Might Not Be..., by Ernie Gagné

One of Frenchie's Stories: In Heat, by Ernie Gagné

La Graine Pousse (The Seed Sprout), by Normand Dubé

Everything's Just Finophobia, by Greg Chabot

Research Note: Maine "Jim Crow"? The Forgotten Maine Constitutional Amendment of 1891, by Rebecca Dirnfeld

A Short Biography for My Daughter, by Raymond Luc Lavasseur

Under Wintery Constellation, by Susann Pelletier

A ceux qui m'ont offensé (For Those Who Have Offended Me), by Jean-Paul Poulain

Franco-American Identity at the University of Maine, by Michael Serizawa Brown

Beau Frog, by Peter Archambault

Out of the Shadows, by Yvon Labbé

Photo-Documentary: Franco-American Work Traditions, by Jere DeWaters

A Québec Soldier in Maine, by Barry Rodrigue

The Silent Playground, by Ross and Judy Paradis

Mémere (Grandmother), by Raymond Luc Lavasseur

Tourtière (Meat Pie), by Philomène Létourneau Simard and Diane Simard McKenney

Voicing Mémère, by Kristin Langellier

On Becoming a Franco-American, by Richard Pattenaude

She Appears, by Jim Bishop

Livres (Books), by Maureen Perry
My Writing of La Souillonne (The Filthy Woman), by Normand Beaupré

"Qui Chus" (Who I Am), Excerpt from La Souillonne, by Normand Beaupré

Franco-Americans and a Century of Political Elections, 1892-1992, by Madeleine Giguère

Ad Astra per Aspera - To the Heavens through Hardship: The Franco-American Rise to Political Power in Maine, by Christian Potholm

First Campaigns, Georgette Bérubé

Maine Franco-Americans in Politics, by John Martin

Singing the Vernacular, Excerpts, by Paul Paré

Brunswick: A Bridge and Its History, by Julianna L'Heureux

Les Non Non Blues (The No No Blues), by Josée Vachon

Acadian Ployes, by Emily Clavet Ouellette Martin and Sandra Dionne Croft

The Neighborhood, by Michelle Morgan

Why Bother? by Michael Parent


Madore, Nelson (editor)
Rodrigue, Barry H. (editor)
Miller, Corinna (editor)
Hébert, Chase (editor)
Beaupré, Normand (French language editor)




Archambault, Peter
Beaupré, Normand
Bérubé, Georgette
Bishop, Jim
Blanchard, Dorothy
Bonang, Claude
Brown, Michael Serizawa
Camiré, Katie
Caron, Paul
Chabot, Greg
Charron, Sylvie
Chenard, Bob
Craig, Béatrice
Croft, Sandra Dionne
Cyr, Don
DeRoche, Celeste
DeWaters, Jere
Dirnfeld, Rebecca
Doty, C. Stewart
Dubé, Normand
Duval, Raymond
Faulkner, Alaric
Forgue, Gerard
Frenette, Yves
Gagné, Ernie
Gastonguay, Mercedes
Ghere, David
Giguère, Madeleine
Guignard, Michael
Labbé, Yvon
Laflamme, Matthew
LaMarche, Pat
Langellier, Kristin
Lapointe, Roland
Larock, Cindy
Larson, Anders
Ledoux, Denis
Lessard-Bissonnette, Camille
Levasseur, Raymond Luc
Lévesque, Helen
L'Heureux, Julianna
Martin, Emily Clavet Ouellette
Martin, John
McKenney, Diane Simard
Morgan, Michelle
Paradis, Judy
Paradis, Ross
Pare, Paul
Parent, Michael
Pattenaude, Richard
Pelletier, Susann
Perry, Maureen
Pervier, Linda
Potholm, Christian
Poulain, Jean-Paul
Richard, Mark Paul
Robbins, Rhea Côté
Robichaud, Gerard
Roderick, Eva Ashland
Roderick, Luella
Rodrigue, Barry
Simard, Philomene Letourneau
Thobodeau, Clement
Vachon, Josée









1600-2007, Maine

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