Steeples and Smokestacks : A Collection of Essays on the Franco-American Experience in New England

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Steeples and Smokestacks : A Collection of Essays on the Franco-American Experience in New England


Essay collection on the diverse aspects of Franco American community and life in New England. Emphases on French Canadian immigration to New England; religion, education, and community life; and Franco American literature. Includes a wide range of materials from writers and scholars throughout the region.


Claire Quintal - Introduction

I. Emigration
Yves Roby - "The Economic Evolution of Quebec and the Emigrant (1850-1929)"
Mason Wade - "The Acadian Background"
Fernand Arsenault - "Acadians and Emigration"
Neil Boucher - "The Case of the Acadians of Southwest Nova Scotia"

II. Franco-American Communities
Gerard J. Brault - "An Overview of Studies Relating to Franco-American Communities in New England"
Frances H. Early - "The Settling-In Process: The Beginnings of the Little Canada in Lowell, Massachusetts, in the Late Nineteenth Century"
Marcella Harnish Sorg - "Community Formation in Old Town, Maine, 1835-1930: Endogamy and Natal Origins Among the Acadians"
Michael J. Guignard - "The Franco-Americans of Biddeford, Maine"
Philip T. Silvia, Jr. - "Neighbors from the North: French-Canadian Immigrants vs. Trade Unionism in Fall River, Massachusetts"
Charles W. Estus and Kenneth J Moynihan - "Beyond Textiles: Industrial Diversity and the Franco-American Experience in Worcester, Massachusetts"
Paul D. LeBlanc - "From Farm to Factory: Acadians in Fitchburg, Massachusetts (1880-1910)"

III. Religion
Michael J. Guignard - "The Corporation Sole Controversy"
Yves Roby - "Franco-Americans and the Catholic Hierarchy"
Jacquelyn Alix, P.F.M - "The Foundation of the Little Franciscans of Mary in Worcester, Massachusetts"
Yves Garon, A.A. - "The Congregation of the Sisters of Saint Joan of Arc: A Franco-American Foundation"
Pierre E. Lanchance, O.P. - "Saint Anne's Shrine, Fall River, Massachusetts"

IV. Education
Armand B. Chartier - "The Spiritual and Intellectual Foundations of the Schooling of Franco-Americans"
Gerard J. Brault - "The Achievement of the Teaching Orders in New England: The Franco-American Parochial Schools"

V. Literature, Journalism, and Folklore
Armand B. Chartier - "Toward a History of Franco-American Literature: Some Considerations"
Robert B. Perreault - "The Franco-American Press: An Historical Overview"
Richard S. Sorrell - "La Sentinelle and La Tribune: The Role of Woonsocket's French Language Newspapers in the Sentinelle Affair of the 1920s"
Richard S. Sorrell - "'History as a Novel, the Novel as History': Ethnicity and the Franco-American English-Language Novel"
Béatrice Belisle MacQueen - "Corinne Rocheleau-Rouleau (1881-1963): Advocate for the Handicapped"
Janet L. Shideler - "Camille Lessard-Bissonnette (1883-1970): Immigrant Author and Itinerant Journalist"
Michel Lapierre - "Rosaire DIon-Lévesque (1900-1974): Poet and Translator of Walt Whitman"
Brigitte Lane - "Three Major Witnesses of Franco-American Folklore in New England: Honoré Beaugrand, Adélard Lambert, and Roméo Berthiaume"
Donald Deschênes - "The Dream of a Better Life in the Songs of Departure for the United States"

VI. The Franco-American Woman
Charlotte Borders LeBlanc - "History and Mission of the Fédération Féminine Franco-Américaine (1951-1991)"
Marcelle Chenard - "A Franco-American Lay Missionary, Irène Farley (1893-1961"
Yves Roby - "A Portrait of the Femal Franco-American Worker (1865-1930)"

VII. Franco-Americans Today
Madeleine D. Giguère - "New England's Francophone Population Based Upon the 1990 Census"
Clarence J. d'Entremont - "Acadian Survivance in New England"
Yves Roby - "From Franco-Americans to Americans of French-Canadian Origin or Franco-Americanism, Past and Present"

VIII. The View From Within
Claude Milot - "Arthur Milot's Memoirs: Childhood Memories"
Lucien A. Aubé - "From the Parochial School to and American University: Reflections on Cultural Fragmentation"
David Plante - "Tsi Gars"
John Dufresne - "Telling Stories in Mémère's Kitchen"

Claire Quintal - Contributors


Quintal, Claire





Alix, Jacquelyn, P.F.M.
Arsenault, Fernand
Aubé, Lucien A.
Boucher, Neil
Brault, Gerard J.
Chartier, Armand
Chenard, Marcelle
Deschênes, Donald
Dufresne, John
Early, Frances H.
d'Entremont, Clarence J.
Estus, Charles W.
Garon, Yves, A.A.
Giguère, Madeleine
Guignard, Michael J.
Lachance, Pierre E., O.P.
Lane, Brigitte
Lapierre, Michel
LeBlanc, Charlotte Bordes
LaBlanc, Paul D.
MacQueen, Béatrice Belisle
Milot, Claude
Moynihan, Kenneth J.
Perreault, Robert
Plante, David
Roby, Yves
Shideler, Janet
Silvia, Philip T., Jr.
Sorg, Marcella Harnish
Sorrell, Richard S.
Wade, Mason







19th & 20th centuries; New England

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